CD Review by The New York City Jazz Record

“… Jinjoo Yoo sounds wise beyond her experience when she sits down to play. …”

“… I’m Curious, her debut EP, shows her breadth as a straight-ahead stylist and though there are strong allusions to key elements and players of the mainstream tradition, she doesn’t exactly sound like anyone else. …”

“… the listener is instantly attracted to Yoo’s light but firm touch on the keys, like a Broadway dancer springing across the floor. (…) with light clustered accents and a fine solo built on carefully crafted figures. …”

“… her solo lines, mostly single notes, crisp and clean like a trumpet. …”

    – Tom Greenland, <The New York City Jazz Record>

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Poland/Hungary Tour May-June 2019

Anna Kolchina  x  Jinjoo Yoo in Poland and Hungary


  • Official Website of Anna Kolchina: (

    < Anna Kolchina Europe Tour Dates >
    • Band Members: Anna Kolchina(Vocal), Jinjoo Yoo(piano), Wojciech Pulcyn (Bass), József Barcza Horváth(Bass)


    1. 2019. May. 28th (Tuesday) 
    Anna Kolchina Trio at 12 on 14 Jazz Club, Warsaw, Poland

    p.m. 8:30-10:30, Cover Charge: Normalny – 60 PLN, Ulgowy – 54 PLN


    2. 2019. May. 30th (Friday) 
    Anna Kolchina Trio at Piec Art Jazz Club, Krakow, Poland

    p.m. 8:30-10:30, Reservation recommended


    3. 2019. June. 1st (Saturday) 
    Anna Kolchina Trio at FEM Arts and Cafe, Budapest, Hungary

    p.m. 8:30-10:30, Reservation recommended


    4. 2019. June. 4th (Tuesday) 
    Anna Kolchina x Jinjoo Yoo Duo at IF cafe Jazz Club, Budapest, Hungary

    p.m. 8:30-10:30, Reservation recommended



Upcoming UK Tour, May 2019

Photography_ Ronald Stewart

Jinjoo Yoo Trio in London(UK)

  • Monday, May 13th, London, Details TBA

Jinjoo Yoo is joining UK tour with trumpeter Chris Hodgkins’ band in May 2019! The tour is supported by Arts Council England. (

  • Band Members: Chris Hodgkins(trumpet), Jinjoo Yoo(piano), Wayne Wilkinson(guitar), Alison Rayner(bass).


1. Tuesday 14th, 7pm / Pizza Express, London

2. Wednesday 15th, 8pm / Scarborough Jazz Club, The Flask

3. Thursday 16th, 8pm / Chesterfield Jazz Club, Chesterfield

4. Friday 17th, 8pm / Splash Point Jazz Club, Master Mariner, Brighton

5. Saturday 18th, 8pm / Hay Jazz St Mary’s Church of the Virgin Hay on Wye + Janice Day and Martin Litton

6. Sunday 19th, 8pm / Pizza Express, Maidstone

7. Monday 20th / RECORDING

8. Tuesday 21st, 8pm / Graham Brook Jazz, Jazz In Wilmslow, Wilmslow, Cheshire

9. Wednesday, 22nd, 8pm / Fougou Jazz Torbay, Devon

10. Thursday, 23rd, 8pm / Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

11. Friday 24th, 8pm / Pizza Express, Birmingham

12. Saturday 25th, 8pm / Zeffirellis, Ambleside

13. Sunday 26th, 1pm / Wigan Jazz Club, Wigan


Album Reviews

“Irrepressible, Purist Fun From an Important, Individualistic New Voice in Jazz Piano”

– Delarue, New York Music Daily

“…Her music is unhackneyed, melodic, welcoming.  She spins out long graceful lines that aren’t four-bar modules copied from other pianists.  She has her own voice, or I should say, “voices.”  The performances often begin with a simple melodic motif set over a clear, swinging rhythmic foundation . . . and they transparently show off her curiosity. …

Album Cover PIC

“……..the results are gently playful, as if she were turning over brightly-colored bits of melody and harmony in the sunlight to see what reflections they cast on the while wall.    She can be tender, ruminative, but she can also create vivid joyous dances: songs that call out for lyrics. …”

“…Her playing is spare but I never felt it to be sparse, the sonic equivalent of a large room with one canvas chair against the wall.  No, her single notes seem just right — percussive commentary when needed, lyrical otherwise, and her harmonies are lovely, neither formulaic nor jarring. …”

“…It’s clear that she has steeped herself in the jazz tradition — reaching far and wide to include bebop, Jimmy Rowles, Ellington, Monk, and American popular song at its best — but she is herself. …..”

– Michael Steinman, <JAZZ LIVES>

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Debut EP <I’m Curious> is now available in Korean Music Websites! (December, 2018)

Distributed by Monday Brunch(먼데이 브런치, Jinjoo Yoo’s Debut EP is now available for MP3 download and streaming service.


2.MELON 멜론


First EP(Debut Album)  has just released!!! (Feb 25th, 2018)

Jinjoo Yoo’s Debut EP “I’m Curious” has just released!

Now it’s available mp3 download at CD baby, Amazon and iTunes. If you want to purchase physical discs, contact Jinjoo Yoo( You may check out most of the streaming services including Youtube, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, and many more!

  1. CD baby (
  2. Amazon (
  3. iTunes:

Album Cover PIC

Check Out New Videos!

  1. Genealogy (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo)

Videography by _ Jackson Notier

Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Kihong Jang(Guitar), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums)

Jinjoo Yoo’s composition “Genealogy” is included in jazz guitarist Kihong Jang’s debut album, <They Brough A New Kind Of Music To Me>. 

2. Goldfish, Goldfish! (Composed by Jinjoo Yoo)

Videography by _ Jackson Notier

Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Kihong Jang(Guitar), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums)

Jinjoo Yoo’s composition “Goldfish, Goldfish!” is included in jazz guitarist Kihong Jang’s debut album, <They Brough A New Kind Of Music To Me>. 

3. They Brough A New Kind Of Music To Me (Composed by Kihong Jang)

Videography by _ Jackson Notier

Jinjoo Yoo(Piano), Kihong Jang(Guitar), Neal Miner(Bass), Jimmy Wormworth(Drums)

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Jinjoo Yoo on Jazz Radio

# Jinjoo You returns to the New York City Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2018.2.18)

Jazz Drummer Franke Sticks Show invites Jinjoo Yoo again to the studio to introduce her Album <I’m Curious>. Jinjoo Yoo’s compositions “Blullaby” and “Dizzy Blossom” are featured in this show. Jinjoo Yoo explains the meaning and the inspiration of each track and tells episodes of live recording session with jazz master Neal Miner(Bass) and the living legend Jimmy Wormworth(Drums). In addition, the radio promotes Jinjoo Yoo’s CD release show in New York and her 2018 tour in Europe.



# Jinjoo You on New York City Jazz Radio “Frankie Sticks Show!” (2017.7.19)

Frank Levatino, who is a host drummer of Arturo’s and well-known with his swinging drum style, invited Jinjoo Yoo as a guest for his radio show( to talk about jazz and life. Attached below is the recorded show.  Frank introduced three songs played by Jinjoo Yoo, <The Seer>, <Honeysuckle Rose>, <Take the A train>. You can enjoy them too, if you click “Jinjoo’s Music” menu.