Upcoming UK Tour, May 2019

Photography_ Ronald Stewart

Jinjoo Yoo Trio in London(UK)

  • Monday, May 13th, London, Details TBA

Jinjoo Yoo is joining UK tour with trumpeter Chris Hodgkins’ band in May 2019! The tour is supported by Arts Council England. (http://www.chrishodgkins.co.uk/bandsgigs/)

  • Band Members: Chris Hodgkins(trumpet), Jinjoo Yoo(piano), Wayne Wilkinson(guitar), Alison Rayner(bass).


1. Tuesday 14th, 7pm / Pizza Express, London

2. Wednesday 15th, 8pm / Scarborough Jazz Club, The Flask

3. Thursday 16th, 8pm / Chesterfield Jazz Club, Chesterfield

4. Friday 17th, 8pm / Splash Point Jazz Club, Master Mariner, Brighton

5. Saturday 18th, 8pm / Hay Jazz St Mary’s Church of the Virgin Hay on Wye + Janice Day and Martin Litton

6. Sunday 19th, 8pm / Pizza Express, Maidstone

7. Monday 20th / RECORDING

8. Tuesday 21st, 8pm / Graham Brook Jazz, Jazz In Wilmslow, Wilmslow, Cheshire

9. Wednesday, 22nd, 8pm / Fougou Jazz Torbay, Devon

10. Thursday, 23rd, 8pm / Cafe Jazz, Cardiff

11. Friday 24th, 8pm / Pizza Express, Birmingham

12. Saturday 25th, 8pm / Zeffirellis, Ambleside

13. Sunday 26th, 1pm / Wigan Jazz Club, Wigan


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